Sudoku Time

Sudoku Time 1.2

An excellent version of the classic Japanese logic game (See all)

Sudoku Time is an excellent version of the classic Japanese logic game. Although its rules are easy to understand, in practice the game turns out a real challenge. The game consists of a grid, whose size is determined by the skill level chosen. The grid is divided into columns, rows, and sections. Basically, we have to fill in the empty spaces on the grid with numbers from 1 to 9, avoiding placing duplicate numbers in one column, section, and row. It is a game that requires logical thinking, and above all, patience.

The game's interface offers players lots of options and features. For example, before starting we can choose from six levels of difficulty, from "easy" to "sorcerer", and we can also define the size of the grid. It is possible to choose from 100 game variations per level, which guarantees hours of entertainment. Also, there are plenty of other features that we can set to create games suitable for different ages, and levels of skill, which makes it a game for all family members.

The graphic interface is very well designed and neatly organized, with soft colors, providing easy access to the basic controls of the game, such as undo, redo, or hints. The game is totally free, so it is a must-have for those who like mental challenges.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Many features to create customized games
  • Nice interface
  • Free


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